Eva-Dry Air Dry System Bundle

A revolutionary advancement in dehumidifying, the Eva-Dry Air Dry System takes Eva-Dry’s proven silica gel dehumidifying technology to the next level.
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A revolutionary advancement in dehumidifying, the Eva-Dry Air Dry System takes Eva-Dry’s proven silica gel dehumidifying technology to the next level. While ordinary silica gels can take 8-10 hours to dry out after saturation, the Air Dry System requires two hours or less – reducing standard “dry out” times by as much as 80%! Our value-packed bundle (a $64.95 value), includes a drying base and two dehumidifying cylinders. Simply swap them out to ensure continuous, ultra-efficient moisture control for your gun safes, foot lockers, boots, closets and more! Since each dehumidifying cylinder can handle an area up to 400 cubic feet, you’ll find endless ways to protect your household from harmful moisture.

  • Bundle includes: 2 dehumidifying cylinders, 1 drying base, 1 drying base brush
  • Each dehumidifying cylinder handles up to 400 cubic feet
  • Dehumidifiers do not damage your valuables, will not spill and need no refills
  • Ideal for gun safes, foot lockers, boats, boots, closets and more! 
  • Pet, child and home safe
  • The Eva-Dry Air Dry system comes with a one (1) year manufacturer’s warranty on the base unit and a five (5) year manufacturer’s warranty on the cylinders.
  • To renew the cylinders, place each one on the blower/drying base and turn the switch into the on position. The base unit will begin to blow warm air through the cylinder and rapidly renew each one in about 2 hours. We recommend doing this in a well ventilated area, because the renewal process releases the trapped moisture back into the air and you wouldn’t want to do that in the same space you were dehumidifying. Some good examples of places to renew your Eva dry are: a bathroom with vent fan, a garage, a lanai and other such locations. Once ALL of the beads have changed from green back to orange the renewal process is complete and the unit is ready to begin dehumidifying again. You can repeat this dehumidification and renewal process for up to 10 years!
  • Cylinder dimensions: 6¼”H x 3 ¼”D
  • Drying base dimensions: 6”L x 5”W x 2½”H 
  • Color: White
  • Imported
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