NRA Master Marksman Data Kit by Voodoo Tactical

Introducing the NRA exclusive Master Markman Data Kit from Voodoo Tactical.
NRA 21032 GRN N
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Introducing the NRA exclusive Master Markman Data Kit from Voodoo Tactical. This is the master kit for experienced shooters or snipers that love to log personal shooting records and are looking to improve their shot. This kit includes a Marksman Data Book and a Master Tactical Pen which both fit perfectly into the Sniper Data Pouch.

Sniper Data Pouch: Perfect for using with the NRA Roll-Up Shooter's Mat, this compact pouch is designed to hold your data book at the open without falling back or blowing forward. Features a pull out zippered pocket to carry your accessories, that folds and stores inside and the elastic band keeps pages from falling forward.

Marksman Data Book: This compact, hardcover-spiral data book is designed for the experienced shooter or sniper and fits perfectly into your range bag. Loaded with important information, tips and charts with areas for your notes and personal shooting records to help improve your shots. It also features formulas for scope adjustments, windage, elevation, temperature conversions with pages for static marksmanship and moving targets.

Don't forget to grab an extra Marksman Data Book HERE to refill your kit with after you've logged all those great shots!

Master Tactical Pen: “The pen is mightier than the sword!” That statement is definitely true when talking about this pen! The Master Tactical Pen is made for the double duty of writing the grocery list and as a last ditch self defense tool.

Made from CNC machined aircraft aluminum, this pen has a replaceable black ink cartridge (#07-3330) and is designed to take whatever abuse you throw at them. With its substantial barrel and rounded tip that doubles as glass breaker is an ideal gift at graduation or when that special someone is promoted.

  • Sniper Data Pouch
    • Pull out zippered pocket with elastic band that folds and stores inside
    • Elastic side straps keeps pouch open
    • Hook-n-loop tab on back attaches to mat and supports upper section
    • MOLLE straps on exterior
    • Hook-n-loop Velcro patch on front
    • Color: olive green
  • Marksman Data Book
    • Hardcover spiral bound notebook
    • 66 pages
    • Weight: .35oz
  • Master Tactical Pen
    • Aluminum
    • Replaceable black ink cartridge (#07-3330)
    • Rounded tip that doubles as glass breaker
    • Dimensions: 6"
    • Weight: .12oz
    • Color: black
  • Includes Official NRA Morale Patch
  • Voodoo Tactical
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