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2023 NRA Annual Meeting

Indianapolis, IN April 13-16, 2023

We just got back from the NRA 2023 Annual Meeting. It was a great success! We had over 3000 customers purchase through our onsite store. Along with a great variety of products we also debuted the first in a collection. The NRA Gunslinger Guitar Limited Edition was shown for the first time! It received rave reviews from everyone who saw it (including Eddie Eagle).

We also did a great raffle during the show, we raffled off one of the Gunslinger guitars and an NRA Bonfire Solo Stove.  We had hundreds of people enter the drawing but unfortunately we could only draw two winners.

Congratulations to our winners:

S**** F***** from Villa Hills, KY who won the Gunslinger Guitar


S******* C****** from Georgetown, TX who won the Solo Stove.

We are getting ready for many more exciting releases in the future and plan to bring you all sorts of fun and exciting new products that not only support the NRA but allow you to have some fun while you are doing it.

Eddie Eagle with Gunslinger Guitar


2023 GAOS

2023 Great American Outdoor Show

Harrisburg, PA Feb 4-12, 2023

Over 200,000 people walked through the massive 650,000 square feet of the 2023 Great American Outdoor show.  While many of you may not have noticed us tucked way in the back - we saw you and heard what you were looking for.  Get ready for a new and improved booth in 2024.

Along with meeting a lot of you we also had a great time at the NRA Country Concert - which was headlined by Brantley Gilbert with special guest Jacob Bryant.  We made some great connections and plan to have something special in the near future for you resulting from this concert.


Your state recently rushed through legislation making it unlawful to communicate to those under 18 about broad categories of firearms, parts, and accessories. This includes not only information about their purchase and use, but also the promotion of firearm safety and training. This law also restricts communications that promote an organization such as ours.

As a result, the NRA is forced to restrict the sending of certain materials and information into your state.

This restriction is made under protest, but we have to do this to comply with your state’s infringement on the freedoms of speech and association of the NRA and our members, supporters, and the general public.

Once this unconstitutional law is struck down or repealed, this restriction will be removed.


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